ANAM Quartetthaus

ANAM Quartetthaus is back in 2015!


At the 2015 Melbourne Festival 
Saturday 10 - Sunday 18 October 

An extraordinary fusion of music, architecture and design, ANAM Quartetthaus is a unique listening space. A celebration of intimate, live performance that is an experience unlike any other in Melbourne.

It grew from a simple idea: to conceive, design and build a place that is shaped at every turn by the music to be performed within it; a place unencumbered by the ‘rhetoric’ of traditional concert presentation, just as the intimate musical form of the string quartet, which has given rise to the project, is stripped of the rhetoric of larger scale musical forms.

Ever since the 18th century the string quartet has occupied a unique place in the minds of composers. It has provided the formal mechanism for the most intimate and often intense exploration of technical and musical thoughts and ideas: a personal letter from composer and performer to the listener. In developing ANAM Quartetthaus, designers, acousticians and musicians have collaborated to envision and build a space that dissolves the performer/listener divide, enhancing and enabling a shared experiencing by listeners and performers alike.

With only 52 places available for each performance, audience members are seated in two circles about a central stage where no one is more than two metres from the performers, accentuating the visceral theatre of live string quartet performance.

For information on the current season click here.

"ANAM Quartetthaus represents the biggest leap in immediacy and potency for the string quartet as an art form since microphones and speakers arrived... I want one in my back yard!

When people begin to realise how visceral the experience can be of hearing the flesh of fingers and roisined horse hair attack the strings, when the life-altering experience of being able to be so close together with the inner voice of music becomes known, then the reason the string quartet is so alive and thriving will be clear: because it sounds so intensely and wondrously human."

- David Harrington, Kronos Quartet

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