ANAM Quartetthaus

6.30pm marionette, Manteia and Jessica Wilkinson 

Jessica Wilkinson’s marionette, a poetic biography of the silent film actress Marion Davies, uses fragments of text, sound and broken narratives, to provide glimpses of a story shrouded in myth and rumour. Developed in collaboration with Manteia, a new music ensemble committed to finding new modes of chamber performance, marionette’s diverse sonic palette focus on ways to integrate sound, text and performance.

Jessica Wilkinson (text), Jenny Barnes (voice), Kim Tan (flutes) Matthew Horsely (percussion) and Simon Charles (composer and director).

8.30pm Tamil Rogeon and Doug Devries

Boteco do Choro brings together violinist Tamil Rogeon and 7-string guitarist Doug de Vries for a celebration of Brazilian choro music.  Described as  ”classical music played with bare feet and calluses on the hands" choro repertoire is both finely detailed and representational of the infectious rhythms of Brazilian music. Boteco do Choro will perform classics from the repertoire of Jacob do Bandolim, Pixinguinha, Paulinho da Viola, Sivuca and many more.

Doug de Vries (7- string guitar), Tamil Rogeon (violin), Ken Murray (guitar) and Adam May (cavaquinho)


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